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Current Projects

Proposed Project: Lake View Community Hospital, Kenya                              

Healthcare is a crucial component for the well being of individuals in a community and/or nation. Health-care facilities in developing countries is very much lacking, more so, in the rural areas where majority of the population live. In Kenya's Kanyambune rural community, Lake View Community hospital is proposed. Upon completion, the hospital will help the Kanyambune rural community who travels more than 200 miles to the nearest healthcare facility. The project will benefit a population of 1.2 million people in Nyanza province, Kenya.

Tender Hearts Foundation has purchased 4.5 acres of land to construct the project. The organization seeks financial/material support to construct the first phase estimated to cost $200,000. The first phase of the project comprises the following blocks:

  1. The Casualty Block
  2. Maternal Child Health & Pediatric Block
  3. Canteen and Shop
  4. Power house
  5. Gate house
The Casualty Block consists of:
  • Receptionist office
  • In-charge office
  • Spacious waiting area
  • Recovery rooms (3 No.)
  • Nurse station
  • Staff rest room
  • Examination rooms (3 No.)
  • Treatment rooms (3 No.)
  • Plaster room
  • Doctor's room
  • Cash office
  • Central sterilization department
  • Records office/Registry
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory room
  • Separation room
  • Counseling & testing
  • Kitchen & store


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