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Dr. Festus Gumbo

Festus GumboGumbo is the founder of the organization. Gumbo’s early life started in a rural community in Kenya, Africa. Through hard work and determination, he has earned a degree in electrical engineering from Kenya Polytechnic University, Bachelor of Arts in Theology, Master's in Divinity, and Doctorate in Ministry from Andrews University, USA. Dr.Gumbo is a member of the North America Scholars Consortium, a Psi Chi International Society Member in Psychology, and a member of the American Psychological Association. He is concluding a Doctorate of Philosophy in Health Psychology. Dr.Gumbo has continued championing support for: community health education on various diseases, orphans educational and food needs, widows and elders in the undeserved communities in Africa. He has collaborated with professionals/organizations to conduct seminars/workshops aimed at positive social change in undeserved communities in Kenya, Africa and USA.

Mary Gumbo, RN, BSN

Mary GumboMary was born and raised in a rural community in Kenya. She worked for ten years with the, then, Kenya Posts and Telecommunications Corporation before moving to the United States in 1995. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from University of Washington, and works as a Registered Nurse in Seattle. Currently, she is a FNP graduate student looking forward to practicing as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Mary hopes to have a wide scope of practice in championing the course of the underserved communities in the United States and Kenya. She is a motivational speaker in churches and other forums, helping people understand their health benefits as individuals and maximize their potentials for success in daily living. Mary is actively involved in community health-care programs, mostly focusing on women's health, she has conducted several health seminars in the United States and Kenya. In Kenya, she addresses issues on HIV/AIDS and communicable diseases through preventive education. In the United States, she plans to operate a health advising center for educating people on health issues.

Dr. Maurice Ojwang

Maurice OjwangMaurice was born in a rural community in Kenya. He moved to New York in 1990 to pursue further education that would help him make a difference in his life and the underserved communities in Kenya and the USA. He holds a Bachelor and Master's degree in Computer Science from City University of New York, and a Doctorate degree in Management Information Systems from K-Western University. Maurice is an adjunct professor of Math and Computer Science at New Rochelle College in NY. In Kenya, Maurice is supporting the community by building schools and helping orphans to achieve their educational goals. Maurice visits Kenya to motivate young people to cultivate higher dreams in life. Maurice brings a wealth of experience to Tender Hearts Foundation as a director.

Yves Payen, MDiv

Yves PayenYves Payen was born and raised into a loving family and community at La Vallée, Haiti. Yves has had a variety of experiences in social service. While in graduate school, Yves collaborated with a non-profit organization; Yves was responsible for Public Relations and the coordination of a service called Dynamique Valléenne (DYVA) that aimed at the development of La Vallée, his home village. Yves currently works as a Chaplain in Chicago, IL and also coordinates a road construction project and a reforestation program for a village in La Vallee. Yves earned a diploma in philosophy from the Grand Séminaire Notre Dame de Cazeau, Port-au-Prince, Haiti and a Masters of Divinity from the Catholic Theological Union, Chicago. In addition, Yves is fluent in four languages: Haitian, French, Spanish, and English.
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