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Our Programs

Health Program

In 2003-2004, two Directors of Tender Hearts Foundation started promoting community health  education  in rural communities in Kenya, Africa. The initiative, to some degree, increased  people's awareness about  HIV/AIDS. Through collaboration with local community organizations, the organization assisted many orphans with their financial  and material needs. Over the  years, the number of orphans increased, and necessitated international appeal. Our organization has continued community health education because we believe that prevention is better than cure. The organization continues health workshops/seminars on health issues including, but not limited to: healthy aging, breast cancer awareness, prostate  and  colon cancer  awareness, diabetes, obesity, HIV/AIDS prevention and  management, 
cardiovascular disease awareness, healthful eating/diet, benefits of regular exercise, weight management and other health topics. People are empowered when they have the knowledge on how to take care of their health.

Orphans Program

                                                         HIV/AIDS Orphaned Children in Kenya

In Africa, there is a high number of orphans whose parents died of HIV/AIDS. These children can't continue  going to school because there is no one left in the family to support them. The best way to show love to  the children is to sacrificially donate monetary or material support. Monies donated by well-wishers  is used for: paying fees, buying food, providing shelter, and other needs for the orphans.With a monthly  donation of $50.00, you could buy food for an orphan for two weeks. In African schools, a donation of $500  can pay secondary/high school tuition cost for half year.

                                                                              Widows in Kenya
Widows Program

The number of widows in Africa have correspondingly increased with the number of HIV?AIDS deaths.  Because of rampant poverty in the undeserved communities, majority of widows can hardly afford a day's  meal of $1.00. In order for the widows to survive, financial assistance is needed for them to start small  business such as: sewing machines, poultry, selling agricultural products e.t.c.

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