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Your Donation

Donate through the PayPal secure account or mail a check to us. Donations are tax-deductible.

Orphans Program
Donations for orphans are used for: school/college tuition, food, shelter, and other needs. A donation for as little as $50 is enough to buy a week's groceries for one orphan; $300 donation pays high school tuition in a quarter, and $500 is enough for half-year tuition in Kenya's high schools.

Healthcare Program
Our organization has continued programs on community healthcare education so that the people involve in preventive health care. Tender Hearts Foundation welcomes volunteers as: medical doctors, dentists, ophthalmologists, nurses, dietitians, public health, counselors, psychologists, and other professionals to serve in the underserved communities. We welcome financial, material, and air-ticket donations to help with international travels.

Community Hospital
Healthcare is a crucial component of life in a community or nation. Lack of health-care facilities is prevalent in the Kenyan rural communities where majority of the population lives. We have proposed to build a community hospital in the rural Kanyambune community, Kenya. Upon completion, the hospital will serve a population of 1.2 million who currently travels more than 200 miles to the nearest facility. Our organization has purchased a 4.0 acre plot for the project. The first phase is estimated to cost $200,000.

Widows Program
The number of widows in Africa has increased as the number of HIV/AIDS related deaths of men. Because of poverty, the daily standard of living for the widows could be improved by helping them start small income generating business. With a small   capital of $250, a widow can start business in poultry or selling agricultural products. A tailoring business costs around $1,200.
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